Courtney Caplin Cotter
I believe in –
  • laughing so hard you can’t see because your cheeks are encroaching on your eye space.
  • remembering to believe in your self-worth.
  • “dad jokes” and puns
  • marriage being about BOTH of you! – pink wedding dresses, popsicles instead of cake, skipping the bridal party, Usher pins for your ushers – Do what you want!
  • the untraditional that makes each of us unique, and the beauty of tradition.
  • the strength of a handshake and eye contact when speaking to someone.
  • relentlessly searching for the passion in all things.

I have mastered the fine art of “herding cats” and do it with grace. I find comfort in logistics and pre-planning. I have reveled in the total trust of strangers in a Cambodian lake town and ridden a camel around the pyramids at Giza.

I get excited about a floral gin cocktail and even more excited over a heartfelt conversation especially when it first connects you to another person. I have been known to take a muffin (or five, lets be real) home from the Souplantation buffet (or what I like to call -“The Starch Bar”). I’m into sharing food so when you go out to eat with me, I will want to try what you’re having (whether I say it or not). I love my family; together we make up #cotterlife (check us on Instagram).

I am a dreamer, a hopeful soul, a worrier, and a believer in the ultimate good in people.